EOTD, Surprise, MIMI!

It was such a nice day out, felt like doing something simple and nice with a wash of color. I was actually able to just pull out the cardigan and no jacket! Yay! But it got cold at night.. obviously :(

Eyeshadow: MAC - Woodwinked Lashes: Quo - #806

An extra something...
Just thought I'd share this because they're so beautiful.. ^___^
-May I add that I am a complete noob (newbie) at putting flowers into a vase. This was actually my second time receiving flowers.. and the first time I ever received a real bouquet of flowers, I didn't even put it in a vase because I'm stupid.. but also because it just looks so damn pretty all wrapped up!

But it turned out quite alright! Maybe I should tell you my epic fail.. but nahhh :P 
OOooOh look, it's a George Nozuka CD. Tehehehe, I used to be in LOOOOVE with him.. but.. my love has died down for some reasons....... (basically I got tired of having to fight with my friend over him.. it sounds ridiculous, I know) When I got that CD as a birthday present, I literally screamed so loud and started shaking. (LOL, I'm such a dork >.<)

Another view to see most of the flowers.. They smell so niiiiiiice!

(this one was taken with my Iphone hence shit quality)


Introducing my best friend...


MIMI! I've had her since I was in grade 2 (6/7 years old). Through all the puppies and doggies I have own - which was A LOT. And I don't mean like 5... I mean WAY over 5! I miss them all but she has stayed with me since day 1.

She's one of the smartest dogs.. not trained that well since the kids were young and obviously we wouldn't know how to properly train a dog and my parents are just... fobs hahahahaha. But nonetheless, she's one smart dog :) 

And I really don't know what her breed is.. I'm pretty sure she's a mixed of things. She's gone through a lot too - one example would be she recently went through a couple of surgeries. She started growing tumors in her body :( but she's still standing strong! She's suuuuuper old now.. and I really don't know what I'll do if I lose her... I WON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!!! But she really is old, her eyes are starting to turn greyish blue which is supposed to mean their eyesight is getting really bad and blurry :( :( :(

Honestly, dogs are the most amazing animals in the world. They're like humans and if and when I have a good amount of money, I will donate it to SPCA and the animals fund! I am a huge animal person and as mean and possibly heartless as this will sound, I'd probably save a dog than a baby. LOLOL. I know it's terrible but seriously, dogs are just like humans in my opinion except I feel like they get the shit end of the stick when usually they only look out and help people.

With that being said, I leave you guys with this absolutely amazing video.. PLEASE WATCH!!! If you haven't seen this, you won't regret it and if you have, ugh.. you won't regret watching it again either. It made me cry sooooOoOOO much.

Thanks for bloggin'! Muahzzzzzz

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