Victoria Beckham got errbody doing it!

When we see hot pink and zebra print, we automatically think of Victora Beckham!


Yep, the Posh Spice Girl with the amazing too hot for words husband David Beckham, started this super hot trend (well I believe she did).

So I took the inspiration to my nails! This isn't the first time I did a zebra print with some hot pink peeking through, but this was the first time doing something different but still keeping the whole idea together.

I was always on the look out for a super bright hot pink nail polish, and today my sister found one! I was a tad bit disappointed because in the bottle it looked a lot more neon and crazy.
I think you can only get this in the States because it had a sticker on it saying it was from Nordstrom and I have never seen this brand anywhere else! But who knows for sure!

Anywho, the color is a lot more bright and seriously NEON in the bottle/in person. But once applied, it is darker and it also sets matte-ish.
I would say the color is a little more accurate here, but darker.. :S I guess basically if you take this picture and the picture above, you would get what the color actually looks like..? =/ aiya, blame my horrible cheap camera.

So if you read my previous post, you would know that I had an idea I wanted to do, inspired by my one random different nail color. And yup, you guessed it! I did it again - only with a zebra print design!

This picture is the pretty much true to color in person!

On my right hand, I also painted my thumb and ring finger the zebra print design - just to make it a little more different and fun. :)

For the zebra print design, I used...

O.P.I in Alpine Snow 
(I believe that's what it is called, the bottom is totally scruffed and ruined)
I used one of those nail art striper brush (as you can see lol) to create the zebra print! Forever 21 used to sell these nail polishes but I don't think they do anymore which sucks! Other than that, you'd probably find these at any nail supply store.

I didn't apply a top coat on the pink polish, however I did apply it on the zebra print design. I liked the contrast between the matte and the glossy finish. Hope you liked it too! 

Thanks for blogging! xoxo <3


Rena said...

<3 ur nails victoria beckham!

<33 rena

Jessica Mai : said...

oooh I LIKE!!!
Great idea! I must give it a try... Although Im not too sure if my zebra print will turn out right.. Im super clumsy:/


Jenny said...

thanks girlies :):) <333

@jessica don't worry! it never has to be perfect, that's the beauty of zebra print :)