Ch-ch-check it out!

Join me on www.beautylish.com!
I was emailed by the beautylish team and they asked if I wanted to be one of their beta users (which I had no clue what it meant (lol loser) but basically be one of the first users and have a sneak peak of the website)
Anyways, it's pretty fun! You check out other profiles - you can follow, and they can follow you. You can browse through products from all sorts of make up brands and watch make up tutorials/reviews... and much more!

I believe the site is still in process of being updated but sign up now!!! :)

Quick Update:

Went to Starbucks yesterday and had an awesome talk with Tessa. It's a part of my life - going to starbucks and sitting there for hours talking about everything and anything with my girlfriends. We were supposed to do a BLOGTV sess with Frank (ice1cube) but that failed.. :( And unfortunately, it was raining and another crappy weather day in good ol' Vancouver.. so we weren't able to do the things we wanted to do. NEXT TIME! :)

Anyways, here's a little snapshot for you. Can you guess what I'm doing on my phone? :)

 Shirt: Aritzia Ring: Forever 21 Eyelashes: Daiso :) Nails: O.P.I - Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

muah. <3


Tracey said...

That nail polish is gorgeous! :)

Jenny said...

@Tracey thanks!! it looks a lot better in the bottle, it has lighter blue shimmers in it which is really pretty but it sucks you can barely see it on the nails :(