I'm pretty sure everyone (at least people who are a nail polish fanatic like myself) are familiar with O.P.I's Alice in Wonderland collection!
I was in my sister's room and I happen to find "Absolutely Alice" (which I will do a post on probably) nail polish and then I found the one and only infamous "Mad As A Hatter" nail polish!!! I was beyond excited because I know how hard it is to find it - being as it's ALWAYS sold out!
But yes! Being one of the few, I finally have my hands on this baby!

This polish is basically craploads of multi-colored glitters in a clear coat. I feel like a little kid again while wearing this.. you know back in the days when you would apply pretty glittery nail polish? Yeah well, that's exactly what this color is. The glitters are a fairly decent size. It's not too fine where it looks like shimmers but it's not too big where it's chunky.

Okay couple of CONS though!!
- You have to seriously layer on this bad boy if you want a full coverage with no bald spots (lol)
(I have on about 3 coats!)
- With that being said, if you were to apply this color everyday, you'd be out of this product like that *snap*
- Glitter is a b*tch to take off.. seriously.
- It's been selling out like mad so it could be hard to get your hands on it!

Umm.. lol! that's kinda all the cons I have with it for now.  I fell in love with it when I saw swatches and pictures of it. However, honestly.. I'm not feeling it on me. Not only do I feel a little stupid like some kid with glitter all over her nails but it just doesn't look right on me... which saddens me.. I mean hello?!?!?? ME. NAIL POLISH. ANYTHING WILL LOOK GOOD ON MY NAILS! LOL!!! JK!

I think this color would definitely look good for NYE.. nonetheless, I like the concept of it. I like how it's crazy just like Mad As A Hatter himself lol. I think this polish could definitely be a love-hate relationship for most people.

If you have this color, let me know what your thoughts are on it! =)


Adeline said...

Mad As a Hater is SUCH A GORGEOUS COLOUR =P You're so lucky to get hold of one!


Jenny said...

@Adeline =P keep searching!! you'll find it!!! =) my friend finally got a hold of it and she's been looking forever for it!

it took me forever to take it off though! I had glitter ALL over me and the next day, i somehow ended up with glitter on my face..... LOL! my mom's like why do you have glitter all over your face and i'm like oh crap >.<