So today was another pretty sunny day and I felt like another bronzey look.. I know it looks exactly like the look from my last post.. but I used another eyeshadow and a brown eyeliner instead. I apologize once again for the bad lighting in my photos.. I try to get good lighting and then I try to fix the colors on my computer to show the most accurate color so.. the color tone will be different.. but eh.. :(

MAC Nylon, Woodwinked
Quo Creme Eyeliner in Dark Chocolat
Ardell lashes #105

My flowers bloomed! :)
  Pretty?? :)

I went cruising today with a friend, I wish I was able to take pictures! We went everywhere, Vancouver, Richmond, Cypress, Burnaby Mountain..... it goes on. It wastes a loooooot of gas but it's really worth it to just look at how beautiful British Columbia really is.. even though we stayed within good driving distance lol.

You always get the best talks/feeling when you sit and look at the view of the city you live in.. absolutely beautiful. You're so calm and at ease, it's feels amazing.. like you just got away from everything and everyone.. why go on a vacation to get away when you can just sit up on top of a mountain for free?! :)

It was quite a good day today. Very happy. I regret not even taking pictures with my phone.. but you kinda can't distract yourself like that! 

PS. like my new template? Doesn't look noob anymore does it? ;) hehe I still gotta make a banner though! Waiting on that until I can get some good photos with Tessa <3. In the meantime, I hope my blog is somewhat interesting so far.. This would be my 20th post! I feel like I need some more followers to just inspire me to keep going lol... :( sad haha. Oh well, I really do appreciate all 11 of you.. especially Janice for following me!!!!!! I absolutely loooove her!! My favourite gyaru <3 :) ugh my heart like sunk out when I saw her name following me on Twitter and my blog hahaha. I'm such a dork. >.<

Anyways, hope ya'll are doing well, muahz!!!!
- J.

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